Royal Solutions associates you to a network of skillful, competent and qualified Civil Contractors including Architects as welli. We make your life much easier by letting you find the perfect man or group for your civil problems.

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    Why should you use Royal Solutions online services for Civil Contractors? Here are a few reasons.

    • We have a huge list of best Civil Contractors and Architects in Karachi, we provide for services.
    • We save you a lot of time. We link you with an Architect and Civil Contractors instantly.
    • Receive services quotations from numerous Architects and Civil Contractors services providers before selecting one that fits your condition the most.
    • With reasonable rates you have the chance to avail the best packages without you needing to make any efforts.

    How Royal Solution helps? Royal Solutions does the most difficult part for you which is the need to finding the right specialist to solve your problems. We ensure the Civil Contractors services you avail from us comply with international standards of punctuality and quality. All you have to do is type in an online form filling up appropriate details about your problems and the type of Civil services you’re trying to search and we will associate you with the perfect Civil Contractors, specialist in that particular field you need solution. Then, all that’s left is to arrange a date and time as per your accessibility and satisfaction. Due to the amount of contact we have of Civil Contractors it doesn’t take much time to locate the suitable specialist in the field you require. With Royal Solutions accomplish any civil need, day to day or urgent, comfortably and successfully

    Villa and Building Construction

    We at Royals will provide you Civil Contractors for the great design and outright solutions for building construction for people who are in dire need of Villa. Our professionals have worked in various projects with different people having different requirements, so you will not have any complaints, nothing is new to us. Primarily we will design a layout plan pointing out every detail our customer want on their plot. A great Villa construction requires best materials and tools, so we only use the high quality pipes, bathroom fittings, marble and every other thing which is essential for a great villa. We respect your time and money and we treat it accordingly, the most important thing from our customer is their trust and approval. We prefer to add value to rather than end to end solutions. From strategizing to completion Royals is the single window solution for turning your ambition into reality. If you own a plot and looking to construct a Villa of your dream and also want to escape the horrors of approaching numerous contractors then contacting us will be the right decision. Construction of Villa has never been this easy with just a click away.

    Topographic Survey

    The two kinds of topographical maps 2D and 3D is the most crucial assistance needed for any planning of land or study of foundation, it gives the estimation and evaluation of terrain or a figure of street including all its features whether built, natural terrain, visible utilities or any other factor which is noticeable. The high skilled staff we will assign to you will deliver high quality, cost effective in both softcopy and hardcopy which will meet your ultimate requirements. We provide professionals who specializes in topographical surveys, construction geography and providing dedicated mapping services. Our contractors are expert in all design, planning and construction projects which are based upon accurate and precise complicated land surveying, before providing you the result our team ensure that we have the perfect understanding of the site. We include positions of buildings, trees, sewerage, draining, communication pits, roads, driveways, special features, and levels across the property. Not only that the services we provide in topographical surveying we cover all sections by flawlessly enveloping the information from the ground, air or subsurface. From strategizing to construction, our contractors are devoted to exploit the updated surveying equipment, technology and computer applications to produce the most outright data and perfect survey measurements which can possibly be generated.


    Royals will help you in your landscaping project by providing you four landscapers who are experienced in landscaping in a very short interval. This is going to help you a lot, by having a few evaluated quotes you will avoid the most troublesome and time consuming hassle of needing to call numerous landscapers by yourself. The best part about us is, you’re not obligated to us. We have the perfect contacts and the recourses which will help you get the ideal landscapers for your project, meeting all your requirements. But if somehow you’re still not convinced with the quotes provided, you are not compelled to move forward. We are in contact with hundreds of companies in Karachi who are experienced in providing professional landscaping services and they specializes in all sectors of landscaping which includes tree removal, lawn mowing, sprinkler systems, and anything you can think of related to landscaping whether it’d be home improvements or home renovation. In many scenarios we can also provide you numerous landscaping quotes which will help you in analyzing the estimates even more. For our landscaping professionals no project is too big or small due to their time and experience in this field. It is our duty to make this project effortless for you by searching and linking you with the correct professionals to make landscaping smooth and convenient for you.

    Water Supply Network

    We will provide you contractors for all your water supply network solutions. Our professionals are experts in all four main components of water supply network i.e. water sources and intake, water storage, transmission mains and distribution network. You don’t have to look anywhere else, just contact us and we will provide you a specialist who knows about water supply systems from A to Z. The products and items and their specification and dimensions depend upon the area where water supply networks are being installed. Our experts have worked on numerous water supply network projects and they know how to accurately work on water supply networks according to the area. You won’t have any complain regarding the flow of water whether from the underground through water pumps or from your storage tanks. If you are looking for professionals to work on your already designed water supply network, we will link you with the perfect contractors to reorganize the already existing water supply network to solve your water supply problems. Our experienced professionals will inspect the system and will determine whether it can be reorganized or will require an entirely new system.

    Entrance Gate:

    We also provide builders who specializes in constructing an entire gate system. From commercial and industrial gates to gates used in parking lots, we will provide you professionals, experienced in providing you solutions to your problems. We even offer electric gate, these gates can be possibly be designed in both sliding and swing door systems. We will not only provide you gates that are only good-looking, captivating and physically attractive but also enhancing and immensely strengthening the durability which leads to increased security. Our main objective is to provide you the right gate which is suitable to your requirement and ideal for your business.

    Our professional constructors will assist you in choosing the perfect gate system to accomplish the actual and specific needs. You also have the option to ask us to install security options for access control system. No matter what the sector you work we provide industrial, commercial and residential gating solutions. Not mention our quick and effective services are available from just a click away in genuinely reasonable prices.

    Our constructors and builders are not only experts in constructing a gate but they also provide solutions to already established gates. Maintenance and repair are also very important part for your gate to accomplish its duties in terms of security and looks.

    Boundary Wall

    Putting our customer’s requirements and desires as our first priority we are providing you specialized constructors which are expert in building and supplying large range of Boundary Wall. Not only we will guarantee a durable and strong wall but we also provide customization of your walls with a numerous variety of designs and sizes which will depend on the type of wall you need for your convenience. But most importantly the time frame our customers will provide we make sure the task is accomplished in the given time.

    We construct the finest compound walls for residential areas for our revered clients. These walls are built with extreme conformity with international standards using the highest quality materials. They are very useful against moisture, because it provides high resistance against them and also they are very easy to disassemble and assemble.

    Our specialist never disappoints the client when it comes to building RCC walls, these walls are very beneficial since they require no plastering and of course they are highly resistant to strong impact and strong weather. Aside from these two walls we will construct any type of wall depending on our customer’s requirement. We ensure the space after the wall’s completion is kept less as possible. Our professionals will decorate the walls as per your desire. Contact us to get quotes now and build your wall.


    Our road construction specialist has demonstrated a distinguished history of amazing records in the sector of road construction. The professionals we provide you for road construction have worked, managed and accomplished several road and highway projects across Pakistan, we were able to abolish and construct some of the most unfavorable terrains in many projects. In order to perform flawless execution of projects our specialists has ownership of ample number of machinery, tools and equipment. Our experienced contractors and strategists read the customer mind to deliver a system of work to comply with the customer needs, demands and concerns. And not just that we accept the fact for yielding solutions that focuses not only present problems but future as well.

    With many years of experience and definite knowledge of our tools, machinery and equipment and the project we have executed we undertake, our civil contractors are well-equipped to conduct and manage the most convoluted projects. From simple projects which includes repairs and replacement road sections to large-scale reemerging and yes, building a brand-new road, our civil contractors can perform construction to the topmost standards. Contact us to undergo your future projects with our civil contractors today.