We present ourselves as an outstanding suppliers of construction material in Karachi with a far-reaching network that fulfills the needs of all types of customers. Building construction material has never been this easy now, Royal Solution provides all kinds of construction material with a team of professionals who are experienced in handling construction material.

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Experienced Professionals

Our team comprises of construction material professionals who can evaluate and supply according to our customer’s desires, this needs a great amount of experience in this field which we possess. Our team are not only experienced in providing construction material but also gaining the trust of our customers is something we excel at and it’s our utmost priority as well.

It doesn’t matter who you are, either an individual seeking guidance for a home plan or a professional contractor searching for particular material or tools for a huge project. Our team comprises of experts and approved building material suppliers in Karachi.

Our expert team in construction materials will make the supplying process remarkable. They are high skilled in dealings, smooth transactions, reliability and compatibility. Get detailed guidance from our suppliers and purchase the finest construction materials that befits your budget with online delivery process. Our educated team consists of professionals who specializes in extensive building project management. Our team will continually provide assistance in purchasing the correct material at the perfect rates.

Maintaining Quality

Quality control and specification of construction material are our utmost duty as a supplier. We work hard to accomplish any requirements provided by our customers. We ensure that the quality of construction material we provide is at ideal condition before supplying it to our respected customers. We leave no room of complains for our customers.

If we talk about the condition and quality of Building material suppliers in Karachi, we guarantee with the experience we have no one can beat Royal Solutions. Analyze the materials you need to buy to complete your construction no matter the scale and compare it with our wide range of construction and building materials, it will meet each and everything you need for the completion of your project.

Our construction materials are examined properly for the quality and comply according to the standards in Pakistan. We are supplying high quality building material in Karachi.

Customer Care

Customer satisfaction is not only our objective but it is our duty by providing the best possible result. We understand our customer needs and always supply the best possible construction material according to the specification provided to us.

Royal Solution’s goal is to construct a forum with each and every construction material in Karachi to be available with one click away with the most competitive prices you can find. We are constructing a platform to link all the stakeholder in the construction industry, with the motive of conducting, shaping and centralizing the transaction flow and information to unbelievable and incomparable accessibility and ease making customer experience something that has never been explored.


We offer the three most essential cement OPC, SRC and White Cement from a wide range of brands.

OPC: It is the most common cement used for general construction purposes where special properties are not required such as pavements, bridges, normal soil conditions and reinforced concrete buildings.

White cement: It is one of the kinds of Portland cement and shares almost all the purposes an OPC cement does except that it is white in color and due to its different color, mostly it is used for exterior and interior design work like facing slabs, ornamental concrete products, rendering of buildings, flooring, swimming pools and paths of gardens.

SRC: It has a very specific purpose and that is to resist the sulphate attacks. Its uses are found in structures which are likely to be damaged by alkaline attacks, sewage linings, foundations and basements where soil contains sulphate.


We supply steel with the highest quality from the best brands of Pakistan that can be used in commercial or residential projects and are highly Earthquake resistant with the strength starting from 60,000 PSI

Granite and Marble

We also have stone products in stock for you. We have a wide range of colors in Granite, Marble and Mosaic. You can find these materials on our store whether it be for kitchen or bathroom we got you covered with a wide variety from all over the world.

Sand and Aggregate

Sand has many uses in construction, it is mostly used to apply weight, stability and strength to other materials used in construction. It is also used as a base layer to provide a uniform and dry surface in construction. On the other hand aggregate is also another material used in construction with the purpose of stabilizing and reinforcement. They are mostly required in drainage uses and the main material for roads and foundations. Both of these materials can be found online through us. They are tested for their quality and you will not find any complains.


Concrete is a combination of water, aggregates, OPC and crushed stone. The ingredients for concrete you find in our shop are tested, procured and mixed in perfect proportions for its creation. We make sure that our customers get uninterrupted and timely supply of best quality concrete according to their need as well on the right place at construction site.


We are the Karachi’s best online shop for electrical items supplying finest electrical items that covers all residential and industrial projects. Our electrical section’s goal is to diminish the distance between buyers and sellers by supplying the top-class and reliable products at the right place at the right time. Our site makes the buying process relatively very easy for the buyers through easily accessible product list, prices, complete detail of the product.

Numerous notable brands of electrical items like Scheider Electric, Siemens, Orient, Orbit and many more are present at tremendous rates.

Several products like LV Switch gear which includes MCCB, MCB, ATS, ACB, RCCB are available. Moreover you can also find Signalling Devices and Control Gear, Industrial Plugs, Industrial Sockets, Distribution Products and numerous others for industrial requirements.

For residential needs we include all necessary items like wiring devices, fans, lights, electrical tools, Panel boxes, etc. Buy each and every electrical items online enjoy being a loyal customer and avail special discounts on shopping.


We features a wide variety of paints to fit the requirements of our valued customers. The paints present on our portal belongs to renowned brands like Nelson, Berger, Super Kote, Nippon, Brighto, Happilac. The rate list has been generated based on looking at the budget of retailers along with end consumers.

Color of paints can radically uplift the look and, feel of your home. Paints can make a difference with trivial garnishing of bold colors, or you can even opt for a soft backdrop for a bit more muted interiors. The display of mesmerizing colors can enhance the view and look of you home. Are you painting to meet the basic essentially or you’re doing it out of love, it does not matter, painting counts as the most cheap and easiest tools in the world of decorations.

Don’t know which paint is used on which surface? Confused on the variety of colors? Or which brand to use? Don’t worry we got you covered. Our experienced and professional team will guide you through each and every detail and help you select the perfect color and type of paints for you desired location.

Bath and Sanitary Fitting

At Royal Solutions we are supplying Sanitary, Sanitary wear and materials to build your kitchen, The way you desire. We have all sorts of material available for you like Wash Basins and Pedestals Faucets, WCs, Flushing and Accessories Shower, Shower Accessories Urinals and Bidets, Bathtubs, Hot Tubs, Trays, Pools Basin, Bathroom Cabinets, Bathroom Accessories, Valves, Partitions Shower, Kitchen Taps, Kitchen Chimney, Modular Kitchen, Kitchen Hob, Food Waste, Disposer, Kitchen Shelves and Accessories. Everything you can think of related to bathroom and kitchen is available all at one place. We have the thing you need at ideal rates. You don’t have to look anywhere else.


The most obvious question that comes in mind while shopping hardware products is if the product is even reliable quality wise. We assure you at Royal Solutions each product is targeted to quality check before it is delivered at your doorstep. Each and every hardware items available at our inventory whether they are locks, cabinet hardware, door hardware, glass fittings, tools and other miscellaneous hardware are tested at peak potential. You can shop hardware from our site, with a huge number of items in an easily accessible way for you to view and choose before it gets delivered.


We supplies highest quality plumbing pipe & fittings, throughout Karachi. With our quick and user companionable services, with items matching your exact requirements and invariably at competitive rates.

Delivering at your footstep from our extensive range of PVC, PPRC, Other Pipes, Water Tanks, Storage, Septic Tanks, Sewage Tanks, Pumps, Pipe Fittings, Plumbing Valves and Accessories


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